Founder Ken Smith was raised on a hog farm in rural Southwestern Minnesota. Dissatisfied with his day to day job in Sioux Falls, and armed with the strong work ethic and values from his beginnings, he began refurbishing medical equipment on the side in his garage. Ken saw a need, and a company was born. What started over 30 years ago as a business selling a few beds to local hospitals and clinics has grown into an international supplier for refurbished and patient ready hospital beds, stretchers, birthing beds, and parts.

Today Ken is still going strong in the business and has been joined by his two sons, Cole and Cade. The business has grown, but the hard work and the values from the farm are still here. Whether our customer is a large urban hospital in California, a rural clinic in Arkansas, a multi-campus university in New York, or a small community college in Iowa, our customer service and quality are never compromised.


Ken Smith

Cole Smith

Cade Smith


Ken, Cole and Cade, along with each employee in the business, imagine a long-lasting service led company whose name instantly strikes ideas of integrity and caring into the hearts of their clients. Traco only welcomes new employees, including Cole and Cade, who are eager to overperform. Every single team member is willing to works late nights, weekends, early mornings if the job requires. They are happy to do whatever it takes to get the job done at the highest possible quality. They bring their vision to life every day through excellent organizational skills and a commitment to quality from Ken all the way down the line to the newest employee.

Traco employees are family, and clients are friends, and every single person is treated as such. The equipment and parts are merely a “part” of this larger vision, serving the people they work with and who work for them with dedication and honor. Much of their business is repeat business and from word-of-mouth, and most of their employees have been with them for many years, in this for the long haul. We are, as Traco sees it, all in this thing called “life” together. We can make life amazing if we are all working towards our mutual goals with as much energy and passion as we can.