Refurbished Medical Equipment

What started over 30 years ago as a business selling a few beds to local hospitals and clinics has grown into an international supplier for refurbished and patient ready hospital beds, stretchers, birthing beds, and parts.


Our Refurbishing Process

What makes us different from the competition is our unique, patient-ready refurbishing process:

  • Beds are disassembled.
  • Metal parts are sanded and cleaned if necessary.
  • Siderails are inspected and all components needing replacement are replaced.
  • Beds are washed and deep cleaned.
  • Headboards and Footboards Deep Cleaned, lightly sanded if necessary
  • Metal Components Masked and Painted if Necessary.
  • Casters are removed and replaced to look like new. 
  • Headboards and footboards are repainted if necessary.
  • Reassembly begins. 
  • All motors and functions are biomedically checked, tuned and electrically checked inspected.
  • All side rail functions are checked and tuned.
  • All circuit boards are biomedically checked.
  • All beds receive a final cleaning, inspection, and relabeling. 
  • New Headboard and Footboard Bumpers
  • Sanded and repainted center, motor cover and under head panels

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